The London-based Latin American Folk Band 'Bahareque' are well-known in the UK Latin community.


'Bahareque' started initially as a 'protest' group during the Chilean exile era. After the fall of Pinochet, it gradually metamorphosed into its present form with

occasional changes to the line-up.


Five different countries are represented by the six musicians: Bolivia (Vicky),Venezuela (Kena: the lead vocalist and Tina : the cuatro player), Argentina (Suzuki), Ecuador (Fernando) & the UK (Colin), plus a wide variety of instruments: zampona, quena, cuatro, charango, harp, guitar, maracas, carrasca.


The repertoire ranges from Guantanamera to romantic Mexican ballads, Paraguayan polkas, Andean huaynos,Venezuelan joropos, Chilean cuecas, cumbias from Colombia & much more.


'Bahareque' inevitably have a lot of 'Latin gigs', but also play extensively outside these circles.


The group's tours abroad have included Spain, France, Italy and Bulgaria (to a TV audience of 8 million).


For bookings/info: bahareque@salsadirect.co.uk