Bourbon y Tequila

Bourbon y Tequila are an exciting nine piece band offering a unique blend of Jazz and Salsa ˆ , based in the North of England - in other words we bring you the very best from North and South America! We are currently available for festivals, functions, salsa events and any occasion that calls for top quality music.


The band consists of 4 horns, 3 percussion, piano and bass and is led by trumpet virtuoso Enrico Marchesi. ByT play mainly original tunes (with a dash of covered Salsa classics) and our sets are rapidly earning us an impressive reputation with audiences around the UK (Manchester Jazz Festival, Scarborough Jazz Festival, 111 Club Sheffield, Priestley Theatre Bradford, Marsden Mechanics Theatre, HiFi Club Leeds to name but a few).


Enrico Marchesi , trumpet - trombone and vocal


Stuart McDonald , alto sax


Jamess Russell , tenor sax


Jamess Corry , baritone sax


Jhon Hunter , piano


Richard Hammond , bass


Chris Sykes , drums - timbales


Chris Cruiks , congas


Richard Weedon , bongos