Septeto Siboney

The traditional Cuban Septet

A traditional Cuban septet (which can also go down to 5 or 6 musicians) playing the delightful Cuban "Son" music - famous from the Buenavista Social Club.


Son music is the Afro-Cuban dance music featuring plaintive and captivating melodies from harmonised vocals and trumpet soaring over the combined rhythms of upright-Bass, Bongos, Maracas, Clave Accoustic Guitar and the driving typical "Tres" guitar native to Cuba.

Siboney play the following rhythms: 'Son', 'Guajira'(like the song "Guantanamera"), romantic 'Bolero-Son', up-tempo 'Rumba-Son', and 'Son-Pregon' - inspired by the calls of street-vendors.

They have performed at at the Barbican Centre, Cuban Festivals and many stately homes, as well as weddings and parties.

Dancers in traditional costume can also accompany the band.

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