Tiempo de Tango 

Tiempo de Tango, TDT, is a modern, high energy, multimedia performance fusing traditional Argentinean Tango with contemporary dance-theatre, live music, digital art, film and live video projection. Performed by Latin America-born dancers, Tiempo de Tango is "a work inspired by our need to feel closer to our distant homeland. Our dancing is guided by the deepest feelings of love, happiness, solitude and hope. It is one of the most beautiful forms of dance at its core and viewed by so many others as a true art form. Memories of our beloved continent..."


TDT was created as a development of Subitango, a concert performance show featuring music from the British tango quartet Tango Siempre and dance by Mina and Giraldo of Arte Latino Cultural Project, described by the Guardian as

"a world and a phenomenon brought to life by the Tango Siempre quartet and dancers Mina and Giraldo, an evening of multi-faceted and varied passion" - The Guardian

During 2001 Subitango performed in more than 25 venues throughout England and Wales, with many of the shows selling out. Following the success of Subitango in generating new audiences, and with the enthusiastic encouragement of many of the venues where it performed, Arte Latino Cultural Project now present their new and highly original dance show Tiempo de Tango.


Argentinean Tango has recently gained huge popularity in the Western world with most European towns and cities having thriving tango clubs. As dance, Argentinean Tango is admired for its complexity, elegance and expressive sensuality. As music, it brings together the harmonies and structures of European classical music with the rhythmic drive of the traditional folk music of Argentina, urban and rural. Tango originated a century ago from the collision of indigenous and immigrant cultures in Buenos Aires. TDT expresses a renewal of that cross-cultural fertilisation, as Latin American dancers and British musicians reach for a new tango-based fusion.Tango Siempre will perform tangos, milongas and vals of the classic era.


The dancers are all Latin American born, with extensive experience in both traditional and contemporary dance techniques. In their countries of origin these artists founded and maintained dance companies that pioneered the fusion of classical and modern dance techniques with Latin American folk and urban dance. They developed many community projects in shanty towns as well as building local and national dance tours. Their companies, Danza Experimental de Cali and Escuela Piazolla also participated in international cultural exchanges between Latin American and European countries. They are all currently based in the UK.


Tiempo de Tango will provide an evening of exceptional entertainment, fusing tango's historical roots with a new contemporary conception as Latin America and Western Europe once more collide in the name of tango.


TDT will follow up the extensive education programme of Subitango, offering workshops, lecture-demonstrations and post/pre-show talks and residencies. Education information packs are available on request.

Bookings/enquiries from: Salsa Direct: 020-8808 4290 or email: tango@salsadirect.co.uk