6-8 Piece Salsa Band

K Chevere

K'Chevere are a 6-8 piece powerful salsa band, based in Bristol!

K'Chevere are one of the UK's finest and upcoming Latin bands. Formed specially to perform at an open-air concert for the Bath Fringe Festival 2000. Since then they have increased the line-up from 5-piece to 8-piece and have performed with guest Latin artists at various venues in the UK. K'Chevere (Que Chevere in spanish) is generally used in Latin America to describe good feelings, positive feedback or anything good, which is exactly how the audience is likely to feel during and after the performance. The word "chevere" is widely used in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba, meaning "fabulous"!

Their repertoire is strongly influenced by the music and rhythms of Cuba. Artists including 'Tito Puente', 'Patato Valdes', 'Compay Segundo' and 'Eddie Palmieri', have influenced their mix of Cuban classics with their own original compositions, that combine Afro-Cuban dance rhythms such as Son, Danzon and Cha-Cha-Cha with a blend of Latin Jazz and Salsa.

Their past performances include: Bath Fringe Festival, Fiddlers Club (Bristol), Toucan Club (Cardiff), Pavilion (Bath) supporting Adalberto Alvarez (NY Fania All-Stars legend), The Bath International Music Festival joined by Cuban violin virtuoso Omar Puente, St Paul's Carnival, Bristol, Cardiff Fringe Festival, Moles Club Bath, Glastonbury Festival, (with and without mud!), Trowbridge Village Pump Festival, Aston Court Festival, Bristol, Bristol Zoo, and many Latin nightclub receptions.

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Mas Asucar


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