Los Mareados sophisticated tango band

Argentian classic and contemporary Tango music from this Tango group, based in London, UK

Los Mareados Tango band London

Los Mareados is a quintet of musicians based in London England playing unique interpretations of Argentine tango music. They will appeal to tango dancers and music lovers everywhere.

Los Mareados have captivated both dancers and concert-goers at scores of venues in England and abroad. They regularly appear at London's oldest and most loved tango club, Tango the Argentino Way, and also at the Royal Festival Hall. They have played for the growing tango dancing scene at dance halls the length of the country, from Edinburgh to Canterbury, Norwich to Bristol. They have also appeared at the popular dance venues of El Once and Zero Hour.

They have performed to audiences of thousands in Trafalgar Square, at the Generations Festival, and for less than twenty marooned dancers during a snow blizzard in the middle of Norfolk. They have appeared at Berlin's Tango Festival at the Podewil, Londons Coin Street Festival, and the Canterbury Festival, The band is a regular at the annual Anglo Latin American Festival, and at events hosted at the residence of the Argentine Ambassador in London. They also toured with the show Tango in the City by Fay Weldon, playing at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford and culminated at the Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells. They also regularly appear at the tango festival now relularly hosted at Bylaugh Hall near Norwich, a new and exciting development for tango lovers.

This 4-5 piece band, established over ten years ago in London, have developed their sound and style in the dance halls of Britain and have gained a reputation as the most exciting tango dance band in the country. They have developed other repertoire which appeals to the concert audience, and have toured in sucessful theatre events. But their reputation has been built on a passionate commitment to being a great dance band.

They feature the evocative Bandoneon (accordion-like instrument) dragging you firectly to the steets of la Boca, Buenos Aires, and also the haunting violin, double bass, piano keyboard and singer.

When dancers of Argentine Tango in England want to dance to a live tango band they turn to the exciting sound of Los Mareados.

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