Sambossa Brazilian Bossa Nova band

2-4 piece summery Brazilian band

 Sambossa Brazilian Bossa Nova band

Sambossa is a special group that presents all the sounds & rhythms of Brazil in a small band format.

With music ranging from sultry Bossa Nova & grooving afrofunk to blistering samba, they have the ability to delight both the listener & the dancer.

Featuring the unique vocal and dance talents of the very outgoing Elisangela from Rio De Janeiro, who brings a totally original voice to some classic Brazilian tunes. Hugely talented multi instrumentalist Marcelo Andrade (also from Rio) who showcases his saxophone & flute styles. Guitarist Paul leads the band (also the band leader of the celebrated Viramundo band) & has been working alongside the most talented Brazilian performers for more than 20 years. He also plays the cavaquinho (small Brazilian guitar) & sings. Adding to this the wonderful percussion & vocal talents of Xavier from Sao Paulo Brazil & you have a compact but very powerful Brazilian/Latin quartet.

The band has a flexible line-up that can be tailored to match the occasion. From a lively quartet, to a trio or for smaller events the band can reduce in size down to 2, and play acoustically.

The repertoire includes all of the old favourites, such as Girl from Ipanema,but also some of their own new compositions in the same style.

They are a very popular choice at the moment, and are as at ease in a high-end venue, as a festival or garden party.

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