Sarabanda Cuban son band

4-7 Piece traditional Cuban Son, Salsa and Latin-Jazz Band

Sarabanda Cuban Salsa Son band

Sarabanda are an authentic Cuban Son, salsa, and latin jazz band, based in London

Sarabanda (previously known as Soneando) are usually a five piece band who play Cuban Son and Salsa with a serious groove. Pianist Sara McGuinness sought out musicians with a passion for Cuban music old and new to form the band. The result is a powerful quintet with a far bigger sound.

The band's obvious love of the music they play is evident in the passionate and exuberant arrangements of Cuban songs both classic and modern. The fabulous singer Yuri Moreno hails from "Oriente" the East of Cuba where "Son" music was born. Bass player Elpidio Caicedo is well known on the UK Salsa scene, considered one of the top bass players he is also much in demand for his fantastic vocal talents. Sara McGuinness has been an integral part of the UK Latin scene for many years, working with a variety of bands and projects. Dave Pattman, Bill Bland and Emeris Solis established percussionists proficient in both popular and folkloric Cuban styles.

The band play a range of Cuban music including "Son" from the 40s and 50s, as popularised by Buena Vista Social Club, through to modern day hot Timba and Salsa. Perfect music for a summer's day, don't forget your dancing shoes.

BAND LINE-UP Vocals, Bass, Piano, Bongos/Timbales and Congas.

They recently promoted the launch of the Cuban movie "7 Days in Havana" playing in the middle of Leicester Square, London.

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